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Class Schedule

Tentative Schedule

Weekday Evenings  

    Littles Tap/Jazz (Mondays)

    Littles Ballet (Wednesdays)

    Littles Hip Hop (Fridays)

    Musical Theatre (Wednesdays) 


    Jr. Lyrical (7-12) Wednesdays

    Jr. Jazz (7-12) Thursdays

    Jr. Tap (7-12) Thursdays

    Jr. Hip Hop (7-12) Fridays

    Adult Ballet (Mondays)

    Adult Tap (Mondays)

    Adult Jazz ( Thursdays)


Any full year competitive Youth or Adult Class desired will run with 3 or more students.  Inspire a friend and sign up, we are accepting registration for the upcoming season.

Check our social media for Drop in Classes - Available Dates TBD 

Single Drop in Class - $10

or Punch Cards available at:

3 classes for $25

5 classes for $40

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